Brick Driveway – Understanding The Benefits

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Find a reputed brick driveway contractor to install a perfect brick driveway that would provide high creativity to the exterior while ensuring long lasting result with minimal maintenance. In fact, brick is considered to be more robust and tougher in comparison to concrete and asphalt. Those who look for long lasting results; brick driveway is the best solution.

Brick driveways – what makes it so popular and effective

Brick driveways are available in different variety of muted colors and individual driveway. They can be customized as per the requirement and cut to for unique designs and pattern. It is not difficult enough to produce driveways that resemble brick wall having alternating rows of bricks with circular or radial array of colored patterns and designs. You can easily develop elegant and interesting free flowing designs and patterns using bricks. But with asphalt or concrete, the scenarios tend to be slightly boring. Comparing the standards, brick is always the best option in comparison to asphalt or concrete.

Speaking about brick driveway design in Long Island, it could be compared to the ones that were used in Roman interstate systems nearly 2000 years earlier. They used to last for longer time range. However, similar type of structure using asphalt or concrete would never last for such a long duration. Brick driveways usually float on the gravelly base. The sandy base helps in running off the water easily from the driveway while getting percolated into substrate too. Such sort of driveway is considered extremely environment friendly. After all, they help in minimizing the runoff while developing the water table.

Disadvantages of asphalt and concrete driveways

Speaking about asphalt or concrete driveways, they mostly predicate through water runoff. With the pressure of vehicles running through these driveways, the ones made from concrete usually cracks after a certain time. Asphalts also tend to develop cracks. But with bricks, such sort of scenarios would never happen. With water penetrating into the cracks of these driveways, freeze thaw cycle gets coupled because of vehicle movements through these driveways. As a result, there is always higher chance of failure. Periodic resealing is essential to prevent the bricks from facing cracks if installed within asphalt or concrete driveways. When using purely concrete driveways, it becomes essentially important to repair the cracks or the entire outlook would become uglier. Get the best brick driveway design from a reputed contractor to enjoy complete peace of mind.

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