AC Maintenance Tips

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An AC at home or a commercial ac is an equipment that’s powerful and a team it requires a team to repair, maintain and replace it. it is ideal to keep the air conditioner properly maintained and you will save time, money, and energy. In addition, it will extend the lifespan of the AC unit because it needs regular attention so make sure it is working at its maximum efficiency. There is a commercial ac repair company near you that can run to fix your AC right away, but apart from that, you should know how to take care of it to make it last longer. There are tips in this post that you will find very helpful in AC maintenance.

Preventative AC Maintenance

An AC unit is similar to any mechanical system. For instance, a car that can work for a long time without a problem until the light turns on to signal for “check engine.” The way to solve this is not to continue driving the car and you need to take it to a mechanic right away. it is the same case for an AC unit that can only run continuously and properly if it can be maintained regularly.

Understand How it Works

The majority of central air conditioners have basic parts. The outdoor unit that can be placed net to your house and an indoor one that is found in a central duct close to the furnace. If what you have is a heat pump, the air handler is where the indoor unit should be. You should always read the user’s manual to know how to use it.

Keep it Clean

You can use a vacuum to clean the fins of your AC with the soft-bristle brush attachment. Remember that they are fragile and can be crushed or bent. On a lot of units, you would have to unscrew and lift a metal box just to access them. You can read the owner’s manual of your AC for directions on how clean it without hitting the fins.

The AC Technician Should do These Things

Check and maintain the system components of your AC – Clean the coils, condensate drain, blower the components, inspect the electrical components, and lubricate your AC if needed. He should also make some adjustments.

Proper refrigerant levels should be verified – To keep a system that is inefficient cause damage to its compressor.

Do a diagnostic check on the system – Ensure that the system of your thermostat is safe and properly functioning.

Find and resolve the ductwork of leaks – To keep the conditioned air from lessening, wasted energy, and also an uncomfortable working atmosphere.

Keep unexpected damage and repairs from happening – By solving issues in your system before it leads to expensive repairs or failure in the system.

AC Maintenance Benefits

  • It will improve your air quality indoors and it provides a healthier and safer home environment that you and your family can live in.
  • Better energy efficiency so you will save money on your monthly electric bill.
  • Less carbon footprint which means that if your AC can operate without being overworked, it will consume less energy and it is better for the environment.
  • You will not be worried about sudden breakdown or the need for emergency repair. Unmaintained ACs are also a fire hazard so think about this as well.

When maintenance is not enough

If your technician has tried to fix your AC many times, and it is already taking its toll on you, it might be time to consider a replacement of your air conditioner. This is even more true if your AC is already more than 10 years old and have undergone a lot of repairs. You could save about 20% to 40% on energy costs, and the energy taxes and rebates could save you about 30% on your investment in a new efficiency system. You should know when to replace your AC or if regular maintenance still works.

Good AC maintenance is needed whether if it is for your own home or a commercial unit. You can easily call any of the recommended ac repair companies Stony Brook NY in your area to help out if your AC is starting to give you trouble.

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