8 Winter Swimming Pool Tips You Should Know

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You can get a detailed guide from pool masonry contractors about tips to maintain your pool during winter season as it is very important to keep it free from algae, dirt and bacteria growth. Let’s have a quick look at few tips to keep in mind.

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  1. Clean and Winterize

First of all, you need to clean the floor and walls of your pool and make it free of dirt and debris. Also check for algae growth as it will make your awful in no time so you need to put algaecide if you feel the need. Go for winterization process and close your pool with pool covers. You may consult some pool design contractors for winterization if you feel the you can’t do it properly or you need some assistance for doing this.

  1. Make Sure for Regular Maintenance of Pool Cover

Yes, it is very important to clean and maintain the pool cover and the surrounding area to keep your pool safe for dirt, leaves and debris. You may gently brush away the dirt and twigs or you may use vacuum to clean them off. It is because a cover weighed down by debris or snow may fall down the pool making it dirty while damaging your backyard pool ideas cover as well.

  1. Check Water Twice a Month

Although the pool is covered and you have done winterization but the pool masonry contractors always recommend to check your pool water at least twice a month. It is because you have chemicals added in your pool so you need to check if they water level is balanced and chemicals have not caused any reaction in the water. In other case, staining and scaling may happen in your pool making it difficult for you to clean them afterwards. So, better to check it timely so as to avoid any such situation.

  1. Run the Filter Regularly

Well, yes you need to run your pool filter regularly instead of just keeping it off the whole winter season. And in fact, it is recommended to run your filter for at least three to four hours on daily basis to keep your water clean allowing it to circulate rather than keeping it stagnant for long time.

  1. Add Chlorine and Algaecide in Water

Even after winterization and checking water frequently, it is totally possible to grow algae or contaminate water. If you read a guide provided by pool design contractors, it is advised to add chlorine and algaecide in water for the safe side to prevent any such issue or generation of non-living organic contaminations. Just keep in mind to not to add too much of chlorine in the water so as to avoid liner bleaching. While you can add more chlorine and algaecide just ahead of the colder season if you feel that fall has been milder and warmer than expected.

  1. Test the pH Levels of Water

You need to test the pH levels of water before closing it down with pool cover and make sure to keep them between 7.2 to 7.6 as this assures the clean start of winter with clean water in your pool. Make sure to adjust chlorine level with 2 or 3 parts per million to balance the water and make it safe to use afterwards.

  1. Prevent Your Pool Water from Freezing

If you are in a very cold area, then it is very much possible that your water starts freezing as soon as the temperature starts to decrease. Don’t forget your pipes will soon begin cracking if you don’t stop freezing process which will cost you a lot in long run. Usually pool masonry contractors advise to drain the water level up to four to six inches below the skimmer while complete draining is recommended from filter, heater and the pump.

  1. Open It Up Earlier

It is recommended by professional pool design contractors long island to open up your pool back before complete end of spring season. As if you wait for summer to start then water would already get warmed up inside and produce algae in it making it difficult for you to dip in the pool when you really want to do it.

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