7 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Dental Bridge

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Use a Rinse

Antiseptic rinses help wash stubborn bits of food and troublesome pockets of bacteria out of their hiding places and down the drain. On top of this, it also helps get under your new replacement tooth, which cuts back on plaque building while improving your breath.

Avoid Hard or Crunchy Foods

Try as hard as you can to avoid sticky and hard foods. If you do eat these foods, be sure to avoid chewing them directly with your bridgework, and never chew ice. These foods can do serious and irreversible damage to your dental prosthetic and should be avoided at all costs.

One of the most surefire ways to make sure your dental bridge serves you well for years is to make sure you’re brushing after every meal. This not only prevents plaque buildup, it also cleans away calcium buildup that contributes to the breeding of bacteria.

Floss more than you are

There’s a good chance that you’re not flossing every day. Well, if you just replaced a tooth with a dental bridge, take it as a hint that you need to floss more. Flossing around your teeth, under your dental bridge, and around your crowns every day will actively lead to a dental bridge that lasts for many years. While cleaning around a dental bridge can sometimes be a bit more difficult than natural teeth, it becomes easier and easier with practice – and practice makes perfect.

Try a Sonic Toothbrush

“Sonic” toothbrushes vibrate at high rates, which creates a great deal of energy that pushes saliva, toothpaste, and water into the nooks and crannies that your toothbrush might otherwise miss. Combine this with rinsing and flossing, and there’s little chance that bacteria and food particles will find anywhere to hide in your mouth.

Stay on Top of Your Dental Visits

Especially since you’ve had dental work done, it’s important for your dentist to see your mouth on a regular basis in order to prevent small problems from becoming larger problems.  By maintaining a regular cleaning and checkup schedule, you take yet another step towards ensuring a long life for your dental bridge.

Maintain a balanced diet

Diet is important, and not just when it comes to keeping a slimmer waistline. By following a balanced diet that’s low in sugars, you actively contribute to the health of your gums, the surrounding tissues in your mouth, and all of your teeth. Remaining conscious of your intake can only do good when it comes to maintaining your dental bridge for the “long haul”.

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