What are the health risks of vaping?

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You might be surprised at the health risks that come with vaping, given the fact that most of us think of vaping as totally safe and risk-free. In the last few years, vapes have been marketed as the healthier alternative to cigarette. In the recent years, there has been an exponential increase in the number of vape users. As a result of this, 510 threaded battery vapes are quite popular among vape users nowadays. In fact, even those who were never addicted to smoking cigarettes in the first place have started using vapes due to an influence from pop culture.

Still, vapes are widely believed to be safe! However, the truth is that vaping can be just as dangerous as cigarettes. In this article, we put together everything that you should know about this new vaping trend.

Let us first talk about what vaping is exactly.

What exactly is vaping?

Vaping involves the use of e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes). These are devices that contain batteries, reservoirs, and heating elements. Usually, the e-cigarette liquid, which is also referred to as e-juice contains different amount of chemicals, flavorings, and nicotine in them. When users puff these devices, the heating element gets activated. Then, this heating element produces vapor that users inhale and exhale out.

Is vaping very common?

Nowadays, vaping is far more common than you can imagine. In fact, it is extremely common among the teenagers. According to reports by CDC, 3.2 percent of adults in the United States use e-cigarettes. At the same time, 2 million teens use e-cigarettes in the very same year. The downside here is that according to some reports, they can cause respiratory issues.

What are the possible health risks?

According to some studies, e-cigarettes do not cause any harm. However, other studies suggest that they can actually carry a number of risks. The researches regarding vaping are quite conflicting in nature. As of yet, the studies that we have to access its long-term effects are not enough.

It is quite interesting that vaping is just as much addictive as regular cigarettes are. This is especially true for vapes that contain nicotine filled e-juices. This is because even in regular cigarettes, nicotine is the primary ingredient that makes them addictive. Since it is also present in a number of e-juices, vaping can very quickly become very addictive. Sometimes, it can be even more addictive than cigarettes because beginner smokers are not able to control the quantity that they smoke unlike regular cigarettes.

Overall, some studies suggest that they may also be linked to heart diseases, weight loss, and hair loss. However, the authenticity of such studies is yet to be confirmed. All in all, vapes cannot be thought of as totally risk free and harmless. Chances are that some level of risks are still associated with it.

Though, in relative terms, it might be true to say that in comparison to cigarettes, vapes can indeed be less harmful. But this certainly does not mean that they are totally safe. Hence, people should stop misinterpreting them to be a harmless smoking alternative.


Vapes can indeed be harmful. While for other people, it may not pose any harms. It would also depend on the current health of a person. Still, we cannot really say that vapes are free from any health risks. Considering the rise in popularity of 510 thread batteries vapes, it is extremely important to make it clear that they are not harmless. Furthermore, it is usually recommended that people who do not smoke cigarettes should stay away from these devices. Those who smoke cigarettes and want to quit, may use these devices just temporarily rather than adopting them in their lifestyle.

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