6 Best Kitchen Countertop Shape Ideas

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Countertops are of many shapes and designs, when it comes to installation. You don’t have to go for the conventional designs of rectangular or square quartz countertops Cambria, but there are so many unique and modern designs. To find out more, keep on reading.

Triangle Kitchen Island

A kitchen island design, which is very popular and modern nowadays is a triangle-shaped island. This is not a conventional triangle shape, rather there are two slabs of long marble or other material, which meet together at a point, and on either side of the other two slabs, there are legs of the kitchen island. This is a great design to go for, if you don’t want the kitchen island to take up a lot of space. It also works great in smaller and minimal kitchens, since there is not much to it, but it still looks elegant and stylish.

Double Tier Kitchen Countertops

There is a huge trend going around these days which has to do with multi-layer countertops. There is a primary, bigger layer on the top of the island and a smaller but customizable tier a few spaces down the first tier. This is a great option for those people who want that extra space on their kitchen island, whether it’s for décor or for a small dining place. The lower tier of the island can be made larger to make the island a reasonable dining place. Again, this idea is great for smaller kitchens, if you feel like there isn’t enough space for a separate dining table in the room, you can just make use of the lower tier.

Island Fixed With A Dining Table

This design is like the bigger brother of the previous kitchen island design. This design can also be made in tiers or it can be made as a single big island, which can also work as a dining table. One side of the island is where you have the work station for food, while the other side is for dining, where there are some chairs, so you can sit down and properly enjoy your food. This design is great as it really embraces the open plan concept, where everything is within easy reach and you can dine easily in your own kitchen

Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Island

This is quite a rustic design, but people are totally here for it. This is more like a bench and table setting rather than an actual kitchen island. The kitchen island is made in such a way that it almost looks like a farm table. To really complete the rustic look of a farmhouse kitchen, you can go all out and opt for wooden benches instead of chairs which tuck right under the island. This is a great way to add some character and uniqueness to your modern kitchen.

L-Shaped Kitchen Island

An L-shaped kitchen island is also very popular since it is great in small spaces and the huge surface area gives you a lot of space to comfortably work in the kitchen, without feeling cramped. The L-shaped design can also work perfectly as a dining table, you don’t specially need a tier design to be able to accomplish the island and dining table endeavor of yours. An L-shaped kitchen island also looks quite modern and minimal, and a lot of people prefer it over regular island and countertop designs.

Round Or Curved Kitchen Island

A rounded or curved kitchen island is also a great idea if you want something smooth and if you are afraid of the edges of your granite countertop breaking, chipping or poking someone. A curved countertop is great for dining too, as there is a lot more room as compared to a regular square or rectangular countertop. It also provides a smooth traffic flow in the kitchen, it is safe for children as there are no sharp sides poking at them. It is also very versatile and gives your kitchen a chic look.


There you have it! With these designs, you are sure to impress people when they walk into your kitchen. These designs are modern, sophisticated, chic and minimal, all at the same time. Talk with a quartz countertop contractor Centreville to make your dream kitchen island design into reality.

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