Know These Things Before Buying Hardwood Shutters

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Do you want the warm look of wood that gives you the feeling of being in a rustic hunting lodge or cozy cottage? Well, hardwood shutters are a great addition to any home that can easily control light while providing your home comfort and privacy.

Do You Have Some Custom Wood in Your House?

If your house is free of wooded themes that most lodges and cottages have, hardwood shutters will surely add a touch of elegance to a room. Nevertheless, for homes that already have custom wood interiors, you should get hardwood shutters custom stained that will match to your theme, ensuring that your home design will look its best. Using hardwood shutters won’t give you with any regrets as they have the texture and beauty that surpass vinyl wood or composite shutters along with more stains and textures including burnished, glazed, and distressed.

What Type of Windows You Have?

An important part of making decision when investing in hardwood shutters is where you plan to place the shutters and how they would interact with your home. If you have window trim that you really enjoy, hardwood shutters will cover the trim once placed on the window’s outside. To keep the trim exposed, you can mount the shutters on the window’s inside. On contrary, if your windows are trimless, the hardwood shutters will make a beautiful one. Remember that mounting shutters inside your window will cause the frame to cover the window’s part, providing you with smaller view.

If your windows have an unusual shape, you’ll require custom window shutters to fit inside the frame properly. This process will need precise measurements. Take note that there are no 2 windows the same. Consider looking for a designer who is willing to meet with you for in-home consultation.

If you like your hardwood shutters mounted inside your windows, you should know if your windows tilt in for cleaning. If this is the case, the shutters may only be placed on the window’s outside since you’ll lose the tilt feature once mounted on the inside because the shutter frame will not move once installed.

Is Lift System Safety a Problem to You?

If you have kids and pets, hardwood wooden shutters are a safe option since these don’t have corded lift system. But rather, these shutters have a tilt bar that may be put on the outside or inside of the shutter to open the louvers, providing you quick and simple control of how much light can enter your home.

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