Get the best treatment of sleep disorder to get rid of it

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A sleep disorder clinic near me provides an appropriate and effective treatment. The restrooms are equipped with comfortable beds, light music and calm surroundings to provide a healthy sleep to patients. Doctors and their assistants are cooperative and friendly towards the patients. A helpful and positive approach of doctors cures the disorder problem in a minimum time.

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder problem among all ages, especially the seniors. Patients have trouble in falling asleep and they also wake up too early in the morning or keep awake during the night. Insomnia is followed by the sleepiness at daytime, low energy, a depressed mood and irritability.

Types of insomnia

There are two types of insomnia, which are discussed below:-

  • Primary insomnia– In this insomnia, the patient has sleeping problems, which are not directly related with any health problem.
  • Secondary insomnia– In this sleep disorder problem, the patients have sleeping problems due to health condition like depression, cancer, asthma, or heartburn. Frequent use of alcohol and some of the medications can also cause insomnia problem.

The problem of insomnia can be short-term, known as acute insomnia or long-term, known as chronic insomnia. Acute insomnia can last for even one night and also for a few weeks. Sometime, patients suffer from insomnia problem for a month or longer with at least three sleepless nights a week.

Causes of insomnia

The causes of acute insomnia are:-

  • Significant life stress discomfort (physically or emotionally),
  • Environmental factors like noise, light or extreme temp,
  • Medications (for treatment of asthma, high blood pressure. etc.)
  • Interferences in normal sleep routine (like jet lag, night shifts).

Depression, chronic stress, pain or discomforts at night are the main causes of chronic insomnia.

Treatment of insomnia

Patients should note down the symptoms and discuss with health care provider or doctor to get cure from insomnia. Drug therapy is also popular in the insomnia treatment md, but long use of the drugs should be avoided. Good exercises, improved diet and sleep hygiene are some of the best treatments of insomnia. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is also very effective and affordable for the treatment of insomnia. It cures the disorder problem in a minimum time. Some of the changes in lifestyle of the patients are also suggested by the doctors to be away from depression, anxiety and mental stress.

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