Bathroom Drain Cleaning – What Causes Clogged Shower Drain, Anyway?

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If you need efficient bathroom drain cleaning, you might be surprised to know that there are actually several surprising culprits behind a clogged shower drain. Although there are a lot of possible reasons behind the clogging of your drains, below are the most common ones you have to know to avoid any potential problems in your bathroom.

Soap Scum

One of the most common causes of clogs in many shower drains is none other than soap scum. After some time, deposits of soap scum on the pipe walls can trap skin cells, hairs, and other forms of contaminants which could cause blockage on the drain. A couple of buckets containing hot water combined with chlorine bleach can be poured down your drain every other week or so in order to solve this particular problem.

Dead Skin Cells and hair

Every time you take a shower, it is only natural for you to shed and loss hundred strands of hair. Aside from that, literally millions of dead skin cells can flow during your bathe. These dead skin cells and hairs can end up sticking to the walls of the drain pipe and after some time, these can blow the water flow. While using a hair catcher in the drain can offer some help, many shower drains still experience clogs due to dead skin cells and hair at a certain point.


You have to be very careful with razor coverings, toothpaste caps, shampoo caps, as well as other similar small items every time you take a shower. Small items or trash dropped down your shower drain is among the very common causes of clogs in your shower.

Hard Water

Hard water can deposit all kinds of micro solids and minerals on the walls of the drain pipes in your shower. If you don’t clear these away, the deposits can soon cause clogs on the drain. You can use a water softening agent for you to save yourself from this kind of hassle.

A reliable drain cleaning service ny is expected to be familiar with these different causes of blocked bathroom and shower drains. These experts first identify the root cause of the issue, and from there, they think of, plan, and perform the necessary course of action which can best handle the problem and solve it in no time. This way, you can once again enjoy bath time to the fullest!

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